AIS was founded in 1999 as a ‘Science High School’ for gifted students, and in 2008 it shifted to become an ‘International School’. The school is now under the direction of a Canadian superintendent, Mr. Tim Boulton. His background in international education spans several countries, including two United World Colleges and International School Manila. He has three daughters, all born and raised in the Philippines.


All rooms, including the classrooms, are air-conditioned. Our current facilities include: two gymnasia, a ‘Junior Olympic Size’ swimming pool, a fully equipped fitness training room, an indoor soccer court, two canteens, a music room, computer labs, an art room, three science laboratories, a playground, a library containing a total of 44,500 books, a 300-seat capacity auditorium, and a 500-seat Fine Arts Theatre.


The Internet is an integral part of an AIS education. We are now 100% wireless with fast Internet speed. Students are encouraged to carry laptops and stay online wherever they go, and ‘smart boards’ are used to generate excitement and enhance learning.


AIS has wonderful students! They are overwhelmingly polite, respectful and positive contributors. On occasion a child might break a rule, and at such times we will treat him/her with respect and we will use the opportunity to develop his/her character. Additionally, we run weekly sessions to help students develop skills in leadership, character and conflict resolution. The school also maintains a clearly written discipline code to ensure that school is safe, respectful and orderly.


AIS is well on its way to becoming a fully-fledged international school. It has a Canadian superintendent, top-notch facilities, small class sizes, a curriculum aligned with international standards, a growing number of expat students, several specialty subjects including ‘International Studies’, ‘Modern Languages’, ‘Health Science’, ‘Environmental Science’, ‘Film Studies’, ‘English Grammar’ and more. Most importantly, AIS hires excellent teachers with solid English, international experience and the ability to deliver dynamic student-centered lessons focused on the attainment of deep understandings and the application of relevant 21st century skills (as opposed to rigid traditional instruction based on rote memorization). The next step for AIS is to add the PYP/IB programs and attain international accreditation.