AIS accepts all nationalities. We require official transcripts and/or official report cards depending on the student’s country of origin. Slots can be reserved online and followed up later on with the completion of an application form and entrance exam. Payment of school fees is required for official enrollment.

School Fees

Please click the button to enter the information we require to compute your child’s school fees.

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Entrance Exams

AIS administers an external aptitude test and an in-house Math/English test to determine grade placement. Additionally, we administer a ‘get to know you’ test that reveals aspects of the student’s character, personality, learning style, creativity and interests. Overall, the entrance exams take about two hours to complete. They may be taken between 8am-3pm on MON-SAT, and they should be scheduled in advance.


Payments made before June 1 are eligible for an ‘early payment discount’. There is an additional discount of 10% for CASH payments and a sibling discount is applied on the tuition fee of the youngest child (2 kids = 25%; 3 kids = 50%; 4 kids = 75%; 5 kids = 100%).


AIS offers scholarships to new and/or continuing students beginning in Grade 7. We offer two kinds of scholarships:

  1. Athletic (for competitive swimmers) and
  2. Academic (for valedictorians).

To avail please ask for a scholarship application form at our admissions office.


At AIS we are always happy to answer your question and assist in any way we can.

You may contact us by phone at 8521-2710 (local 5414),  Email us at: ais.frontoffice@ais.edu.ph.