AIS values swimming as a means to develop the students’ fitness, character and mental strength. During the 2013/14 school year, several AIS swimmers qualified to compete internationally and as a group our swim team earned total of about 100 medals at local and international school competitions.


AIS promotes basketball in P.E. and after school activities. So far we have not competed with other schools but as the school continues to grow, we will look to join tournaments with local and international schools.

Taekwondo/title]AIS values the martial arts as a way to develop fitness, character, commitment and discipline. In fact, taekwondo is our most popular after school sport.


AIS is developing touch rugby as a new sport at the school. Touch rugby is a team sport that helps students develop tactical skills, sportsmanship and fitness. Our aim is to develop a team to compete with other international schools in Manila.


Our ESL program is open to non-native speakers of English. ‘Beginners’ are placed in a fulltime ESL program that gradually exposes them to mainstream lessons. ‘Intermediates’ participate in mainstream classrooms, and receive pullout sessions with an ESL instructor as needed. Classes are small to allow each participant a maximum amount of individual attention and an opportunity to develop conversational skills. Our ESL teaching targets listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Assessments are: ‘level appropriate’, content-based, in simplified language, communicative and varied.