The school offers school bus service. Fares vary depending on the distance traveled from home to school, starting from P4000 per month for two-way transportation. Arrival time is 7:15am and departure time is 4:00pm.


Students may bring healthy lunches to school or avail of hot nutritious meals in our dining hall. The hot lunches include rice, vegetables, fruit and meat.


Our Guidance Department partners with parents to help students manage educational, behavioral and personal matters. In addition to counseling, we offer a variety of services including classroom observations, values education, course selection, career planning, university guidance, child protection, child service referrals, and awareness campaigns such as anti-bullying.


Students may attend tutorials in the school library, weekday afternoons until 5pm. An AIS teacher may tutor an AIS student provided the teacher is not one of the student’s subject teachers.


AIS is equipped with CCTV cameras throughout each level, and multiple security personnel are provided within the school complex. In addition, AIS is a ‘closed campus’, which means that once a student arrives at school, he/she may not leave until the end of the school day.