We believe that early development occurs best in an enriched environment where each child is encouraged and challenged but neither hurried nor hindered. They work independently at times and in cooperative groups at other times. We include ‘traditional’, ‘progressive’ and ‘emergent’ teaching approaches: the best of each! The traditional approach offers children an academic head start when they enter Grade 1; the progressive strategies help children to develop social skills and higher-level thinking; and the emergent style helps children develop their own areas of interest, which helps them to love learning!


Each class has a head teacher and a qualified teacher assistant. Instruction is personalized for each student; we can do this because our classrooms have small student/teacher ratios. A primary task of the teacher is to observe each child closely in order to determine his or her specific needs and learning style. With this knowledge, the teacher can introduce materials, skills and concepts appropriate to each child’s interests and growth level. In addition, we work to build each child’s self esteem, confidence and independence whilst developing a caring attitude for others and the world.


Nursery: 3-4 years old
Kinder: 4-5 years old
Prep: 5-6 years old


The subjects taught include language, arts, math, science and geography. Our language instruction develops reading comprehension and writing skills using phonics and a literature-based approach to develop proper spelling, good grammar and a deep love for books. Our math instruction includes written and hands-on math to help students make connections to everyday life using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and equalities and inequalities. In science and geography students develop world awareness through real-life experiences. They are encouraged to observe, reason and question.

Pre-School Policies

Our preschool policies are in place to maximise student learning and happiness. As such, our teachers use positive reinforcement, as opposed to harsh punishments, to raise the student’s self-esteem. Our teachers see minor student conflicts as opportunities to teach the children how to talk things out with respect and understanding for one another. In this way the children develop their emotional intelligence, which is a vital life-long skill. We also prioritise parent-teacher partnership through frequent parent/teacher communication and we invite parents to play an active role in the school. Further, we provide educational opportunities for parents to stay up to date with modern teaching strategies in early education.


Our outdoor playground has rubberized flooring and safe imported equipment. The materials are designed for exploration to help children develop strength, hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills. students develop their motor skills and kinesthetic intelligence.

Early Learning Center School Calendar

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