We work to help every child reach his or her full potential in an inclusive setting. And we aim to develop knowledgeable & caring students with solid character, service-driven leadership, and a thorough understanding about themselves and their world. In academics we expect each child to set challenging yet realistic goals, to work hard for personal bests and to become reflective and lifelong learners.


AIS classrooms are 100% English-speaking (except in modern language classes). Our teachers are trained to create effective, joyful and student-centered classrooms with just the right amount of structure and discipline. Lessons are based on the ‘Understanding by Design’ (UBD) methodology and students are assessed in multiple ways according to the idea that all students have ‘multiple intelligences’. Our instruction is personalized for each student; we can do this because our teachers are trained in differentiated instruction and our classrooms have small student/teacher ratios.


Our curriculum focuses on the attainment of digital literacy (ICT), inventive thinking, interpersonal skills and quality products, and the six facets of understanding: i. explaining, ii. interpreting, iii. applying, iv. shifting perspective, v. empathizing and vi. self-understanding. We extend the national curriculum with standards & indicators from other countries, and we provide students with local and global perspectives to prepare them for American colleges and local universities.

Core Subjects

We set high academic standards in all subjects, particularly our core subjects of Civics, English, Math and Science. We design our own ‘in-house’ curriculum to ensure that course content is current, relevant, challenging and meeting (or exceeding) international standards. We expect each student to strive for excellence, prepare for every class and always be an active participant. Students must go beyond rote memorization, as grades are based on the students’ depth of understanding and their ability to apply what they learn in real-life contexts. Tests and quizzes provide the primary means of assessment in our core subjects.

Non-Core Subjects

In our non-core subjects we place a strong emphasis on participation, collaboration, character development and process. In addition to the non-core subjects of the National Curriculum, we teach extra subjects like Grammar, Mandarin, Health Science, Environmental Science, International Studies and Film Studies. We are 100% wireless at AIS with fast Internet speed so students are expected to carry laptops and stay online, especially for the completion of non-core projects. The students’ grades in non-core subjects are based on quizzes and performance tasks.

International Studies

Having a global perspective is important in today’s complex and quickly changing world. We therefore designed International Studies to equip students for life in the 21st century. Students in International Studies gain an understanding that the world is composed of interrelated economic, political, religious, cultural, geographical and ecological systems. The course engages students in critical evaluation of world conflicts and complex global problems. Students explore how people’s beliefs, actions, and worldviews are shaped by those perspectives and recognize how an appreciation for the diversity of cultures and opinions is needed to foster a harmonious global society. Instruction includes class discussion, lecture, group learning, and participation in meaningful community projects that genuinely impact partners both inside and outside of school. The Internet is utilized throughout this course to involve students in current issues locally, nationally, and internationally. Students follow two news sources (New York Times and Al Jazeera) and two current affairs websites (PBS News Hour Extra and The Day). They must make it a habit to read the news daily and search archives for stories related to class topics.

Grades & Awards

We follow the National K-12 grading system: A (90-95%); P (85-89%); AP (80-84%), D (75-79%), B (70-74%). Student achievement is honored in each grade level with the following medals: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Graduating honors include: Valedictorian, Salutatorian, Leadership, Citizenship,Service, Artistry, Athletics and Loyalty.

Grade 1-12 School Calendar

Download the School Calendar here.